Picking a chance

Dulu ada satu cerita tentang seorang perempuan yang menolak seorang laki2 pada masa mudanya,,karena dirasanya laki2 tersebut tidak cukup baik baginya,,
Berpuluh tahun kemudian,,ternyata si laki2 tersebut telah menjadi seorang pejabat dan pengusaha sukses.

And there’s come the question:

If only that girl accepting that young man years ago,,she would be the one who enjoy all that wealthiness and the prestige,,

And I’m thinking lots about that,,of course we don’t want to choose the wrong person,,this is marriage for God sake,,not only a one day wedding,,

And I’ve seen lots of failure around me,,and for me the worst one is some woman who stuck in a very bad marriage and can do nothing that,,


I don’t want to be that woman,,don’t want to be a mother who say bad things to her children about their dad,,don’t want to be the one who’s been abused mentally and physically,,don’t want to be the one whose husband share his love to another woman,,

That’s why I become very careful to choose the person that would be my future husband,,

Lots of criteria I’ve made,,lots of quality I’ve seek,,considering very thoroughly to every person I know,,making perfection becoming obsesion,,

I do realize and believe that we already have our soulmate since the day our ruh become one with our body,,but I also believe we can change our soulmate to be exactly what we want by asking it over and over through our pray to God,,

And now when I’m thinking about every person I’ve been close with this several years,,I wondering,,would I regret every chance I’ve been drop to be with them? Fyi,,Some of them starting to be some succesfull person,,do I loosing a very good chance?

But then again,,like he said “every chance has their own risk”

So I’m taking my chance,,drop some of them,,though it looks like I become picky about that,,then I choose the decision that I thought was the best one,,put some courage and commitment on it,,

And then I suddenly feel,,it doesn’t matter anymore all the chance I’ve been let go before,,hopefully I’ve made the right decision,,let’s just bismillah,,and give it back to Allah,,

And for the story I’ve told earlier,,that man now is in the jail for some serious corruption case 🙂

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