Jujur, Kadang rasanya ga terima dan iri kalau membayangkan dia bahagia. Satu sisi hatiku rasanya ingin melihat dia sama sengsaranya denganku, Merasakan apa yang kurasakan. Kadang rasanya ingin protes,, Hey,,he’s the one who dumped me! The one who hurt me so bad! Why he could be the 1st one who embrace happiness? It should be […]

moved on (again)

#the script-long gone and moved on When’s the day you start again And when the hell does you’ll get over it begin I’m looking hard in the mirror But I don’t fit my skin It’s too much to take It’s too hard to break me From the cell I’m in Oh from this moment on […]


Is your favourite colour blue? Do you always tell the truth? Do you believe in outerspace? And im learning you Is your skin as tanned as mine? Does your hair flow sideways? Did someone took a portion of your heart? And im learning you And if you dont mind Can you tell me All your […]