fall in love and broken heart repeatedly to the same person,,

I met this perfect guy,though he didn’t think himself as perfect,,he did to me,,
Don’t ask why, coz I don’t know either,,
The only think I know, is that I have this deep crush on him and as the time goes by, it became love accidentally,,

We have try to get along for a while, but then I face my 1st broken heart with him,,

Things are getting hard for a while,,with me trying so damn hard to forget and letting him go,,

But after a while,the communication are open accidentally

And I’m fallin in love again,,

But when things are going well, I realize that he’s not that into me,,and I face another broken heart,,

Maybe I should’ve gone since months ago,,but then again I can’t,,
He’s the one I want to be with,,not only for now,but for tons of year in front of us,,
And now I’m facing the only option I have, to let him go,,seriously now,,

Could I?
if only he could really see me,,

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