could it be?


i’ve been promissed to myself to not write such an explisit post about this. but something weird happened just now, and made me thinking.

so i just finished my night prayer and waiting for the shubuh prayer, when i opened my facebook. and like i used to do, i opened someone’s wall. read it all over again. being a masochist for my self 😀 then i realized there some post that missing from the wall. the post are just jump from some newest post, skip the post that made me sad for this couples day, to the post where i commented a few months ago, when our relationship on it’s best shape. i kinda surprised when i found this. and i try to scrolled up and down, checking if only my eyes got me wrong. but it wasn’t. and i started to think that it might be some bugs took part on this. but after i refreshed the wall, the post were showed up like it used to be. such a coincidence.

but since i believed there’s no coincidence in this world,i started to think, could it be it’s Allah’s way to answer my prayer? to just remember the good part, skip the worst and just moved on?

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